“We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there, too.” 

Kristin Martz

This is Me

In some ways, I lead a dual life professionally, though one in which both “occupations” complement the other. What I do and who I am begins and ends with my power over the written word – or rather, its power over me. 

Joy Frank-Collins – The Writer

My social media bios begin this way: At the end of the day, I’m just a writer standing in the middle of a baseball stadium asking for wine. 
Judgement about the outdated movie reference aside, it’s true. About the writer part anyway (I never drink when I’m working at a baseball game). There are people who are born with so many talents they spend their entire lives discovering all of these new and thrilling things they can do. For me, there’s always been just the one thing – writing. Sure, I can take a pretty decent photo and have been known to whip up a rather complex meal, but at the end of the day, I am a writer. I recognized that early on, and spent my life focusing on that skill.

Joy Frank-Collins – The Communications Strategist

There’s a reason former journalists go into Public Relations. They know (roughly) what PR people do, they have (hopefully) a connection with PR people and they understand (reasonably) the symbiotic relationship between the two fields. 

​I started my Public Relations career after serving as a general assignment journalist at a daily newspaper. My role in the field started in corporate communications for a national building products company as a Writer/Editor. It then grew to PR Manager, then expanded further into the field of Marketing Communications. By the time I struck out on my own, I was skilled at creating and implementing strategic PR Plans, PR campaigns, trade show communications initiatives and digital campaigns. I’d learned from amazing mentors not just how to write differently, but the power of words – of communication. I developed an ability to analyze an audience to see exactly how they needed communication and I developed a mastery of using voice, timing and all forms of media to communicate a consistent message to an audience. I had a proven track record in media relations, crisis communications and internal communications and was ready for more. MORE >