Joy Frank-Collins –
The Communications Strategist

When I started The Frank-Collins Group, LLC., in 2005, I was looking for more flexibility in my work, my clients, my time. And I got it! I’ve been fortunate to work with clients from incredibly varied industries. This enables me to consistently learn new things, expand my impact and spread my personal philosophy on communications to dynamic people and markets. 
From travel and tourism to oil and gas to heavy manufacturing to higher education to home and hardware to culinary industries, I’ve worked with brilliant people facing complex issues who had the presence of mind to know when they were out of their depth and needed an expert. Along the way we’ve taken on some memorable projects related to reputation and issues management; leadership transition; company and product launches; digital platform launches; social media campaigns; local, state and federal lobbying; planning, promoting and executing corporate and public events; conference planning and staging and employee and stakeholder relations.
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