Joy Frank-Collins – The Writer
I started my career as a journalist, as I am also a bit of a news junkie and figured out early that it’s tough to write the Great American Novel while starving to death. After a few years as a general assignment reporter for a daily newspaper, I burned out (okay, some would say, sold out) and sought the less pressure-packed profession of Public Relations. Where I started as…a Writer/Editor. I wrote newsletters and speeches and white papers and press releases and magazine articles and honed my abilities to put together a well-researched persuasive piece. It was in PR that I found my “voice” as a writer – as I was discouraged from having one when I was developing speed, accuracy and interview skills as a reporter.
I thrived in PR, eventually leaving corporate work and opening my own boutique agency. But there was something gnawing at me. The further up the corporate ladder I got, the more work but less writing I did. And so, I did what any smart small-business owner a bit past prime college-age would do: I went back to college. Having studied journalism the first time, I turned my attention to that budding novelist, that hidden creator of creative non-fiction, and studied English Literature. I was feeding the writer within me who became buried under strategic marketing plans and budgets and all of those things that can distract us from that one undeniable thing we are.
II write features for baseball-themed websites, as well as freelance for a variety of print and online publications, most recently including Harness magazine, Pittsburgh Magazine and Wow magazine. I specialize in features with a strong human interest angle on topics including, but never limited to, sports, travel and food. And I’m always looking for more to write. 
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Joy Frank-Collins – The Communications Strategist